Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vegetable Garden, After the Flood

We picked a great time to go on vacation.  We got calls from the police department saying that there was flooding throughout the town, but luckily our house isn't near water.  Because I didn't have to worry about our house flooding as long as our sump pump was running, I could instead worry about our vegetable garden.  The cilantro was already growing sideways because the ground was so wet, and when I arrived home from vacation I wouldn't have been surprised if all of my plants had uprooted and moved to higher and drier ground.

When we pulled up at 2AM we were greeted by Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors in the pot where my squash plant used to be.  The leaves had changed from a broad shape to a narrow, 3-pointed shape, a sign (I'm assuming) that means it's about to bear fruit (or vegetables, rather).  I rushed into the backyard to be greeted by another 3 foot tall squash plant that has taken over the entire plot.  The tomatoes and peppers are climbing through the squash leaves, and the cucumber plant is climbing up the fence looking for a way out.  Everything seems to be blooming, except the lettuce which probably isn't growing back and the basil is definitely struggling.  I replanted the basil in pots.  Speaking of pots...the mint is growing so nicely in its own little pot.  Looks like it's time for more mojitos...or maybe mojito cupcakes?

Zucchinis - who knew they were actually
the stem of a flower?
And there's first signs of life in our garden!  A tiny pepper, cucumber, and squash are starting to form.  We're going to have lots of vegetables, which means lots of cooking and finally getting use of that food processor I bought.

Oh and those plants in the compost heap?  Potatoes, from tossing potato skins into the heap apparently.  It's crazy how easy gardening can be.  For now...

Baby tomato
Baby pepper
That blurry fuzzy thing behind the blooming
flower is actually a cucumber

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