Wednesday, February 15, 2012

And the Award Goes To...

Over the past week I have been awarded two Liebster Blog Awards!  I couldn't be more flattered.

The Liebster award is a special award for blogs that have less than 200 followers (we're getting there!).  Liebster is a German term that means, "favorite, beloved, or dearest."  Thank you very much to Terri at That's Some Good Cookin' and Rina at I Thee Cook for thinking that my little blog deserved some extra love.

So now, I would like to pass the award onto five other up-and-coming blogs that I believe you should check out!  I follow all five of these blogs and I very much enjoy their writing style, their stories, and most of all - their food!

Jackie at A Bitter Sweet Wife

Melanie at Adorkable Recipes

Andrea at Quest for Delish

Kristina at Whipped Baking

Emily at Life On Food

Thanks again everyone!  And be sure to check these girls out and continue to share the little blog love :)


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