Saturday, February 4, 2012

Super Bowl Party Food (and other fun things)

These past two weeks have been pretty amazing.  They started off terribly, as I had already gotten sick from the kids and was incredibly overwhelmed with the thought of having my own classroom.  As the week wore on I became more comfortable in my new surroundings and confident in the lessons I started to plan.  I start teaching Math on Tuesday (we've just started the Geometry unit) and I couldn't be more excited.  As the weeks press on I'll be getting busier and busier, but I'm thrilled to continue down this path.  

In other fun news, I took a boot camp class on Wednesday.  I found this deal of LivingSocial that was 6 classes for $20.  The studio is about 15 min from my house and I even managed to get one (hopefully 2!) friends to sign up with me!  I consider myself to be in pretty good shape right now since I was able to get in 4 workouts last week (including a 3.3 mi run over the weekend!).  However, this class absolutely destroyed me.  It was a lot of upper body work (including pull ups with only 50 lb resistance!) and core work and my entire body was sore for 3 days.

I'm going back again on Wednesday. 

Seriously, this was such a fun and amazing experience.  If you love pushing your body to its limits I would absolutely suggest signing up for a class.  I learned a lot of great back and arm workouts that I hope to incorporate into my own workout circuits.  

And in other news, it's the Super Bowl this weekend.  Even though my boys didn't make it to the Super Bowl this year (I wore my Saints gear to school on Friday for "Super Spirit Day"), I will be attending a raging Super Bowl party along with every single person on the Eastern Seaboard.  Unlike every other person on the Eastern Seaboard, I will probably be in bed before midnight.  I thought I'd post some super sides and desserts that you can whip up tonight or tomorrow morning before you head to your own Super Bowl party!  Be safe and have fun!

Appetizers and Sides

Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookies and Royal Icing - the possibilities for this are endless!


  1. Love the blog...and love bootcamp. I did it over the summer and yes, it is so hard..but addicting. Keep it up. and check out crossfit.

  2. I have something special for you over at my site. Please check it out asap. Thanks Rina :)

  3. I hope your feeling better...the boot camp sounds like a great experience, but a bit exhausting :)
    Great links!


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