Friday, July 20, 2012

Angry Birds Cupcakes

As you know, I love themed parties.  And it turns out I have a lot of friends whose birthdays are in July.  So, we gathered a bunch of our friends together and threw and Angry Birds themed birthday party!  Why Angry Birds?  Because I love that game.  And I was looking to make decorated cupcakes - I haven't whipped out my decorating tools in a very long time.

These cupcakes were so incredibly easy.  I picked which birds (and pigs!) I wanted to make and dyed my icing accordingly.  I iced my cupcakes and then began applying the details.  My favorite part was the white chocolate discs I bought to use as giant eyes, they really made the cupcakes.  I then went over and around the eyes using a Wilton #3 and #2 tips to apply the details to the eyes, beaks, and feathers.  One piece of advice I can give is that less is really more when it comes to details.  I wanted to keep adding things to my birds and pigs but when you add more details, sometimes the design becomes cluttered as the details run together.  

I think my favorite ones were the pigs.  They're so goofy, I really love the way they came out.  And the best part about these cupcakes was it took me about 20 minutes to decorate them!  If you look closely, I only used two different colored icing for my piping: black for the outlines and a gold color for some of the details and the beaks.  I would highly recommend trying your hand at these cupcakes if you're even considering having an Angry Birds party, you need very little detail to get such a fantastic result!


  1. These are really cute! You did a fantastic job creating them :-)

  2. omg ali... I LOVELOVELOVE these.

  3. These are so cute! By the way, I'm now following you with google connect. Hope you follow me back :)

  4. What a nice job on these Angry birds featured cup cakes! My boy is a big AB fan, he always claim himself as AB kids where I need to get him all the related AB items. Thanks for sharing, really want to try this for him.


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