Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How-to Make the Perfect Hot Dog!

This may be cringe inducing to some of you, but I love hot dogs.  When I was younger, I'd only have ketchup on my hot dogs, and my dad would encourage us to eat them by writing my brother's and my name on the hot dogs in ketchup.  Very cute.  Nowadays, I'll put almost anything on my hot dogs.  I've been dying to go to one of those hot dog shacks with all of the crazy toppings because I think I would just go WILD.  Absolutely wild.  In fact, I'm going to Wildwood this weekend for the annual Beach Ultimate Tournament and will be making a stop at this restaurant that I saw on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.  I'm already having trouble deciding what I'm going to get!

Alright, so this is what you need to do.  First, boil your hot dog in water, just to get it warm.

Then drain the pan, throw in some butter, and fry the dog until it's a deep red color.  This gets the outside really crispy and the inside stays juicy.  So good.  I recommend the Kirkland brand hot dogs, even if you have to buy 50 of them at a time from Costco.  

I love mine with sauerkraut and a pickle.  Yumm.  Also here's another little tip - put your toppings on the bottom.  I know, a little backwards, but it'll keep your toppings in place.  And be sure to have a fork handy for those pieces that do get away.

What are some of your favorite hot dog toppings?

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